Prophetic Word 2014

I heard these words from the Spirit of the Lord today (12/31/2013) as I was preparing for service.

The Lord begin to say unto me son, My body the Church is on the brink of great manifestations and breakthroughs of My power and of My presence like it has never seen before in the earth. So I say unto you open up your eyes, keep your ears in tune to My voice, be very diligent where coming into My presence is concerned in order that you will be able to fulfill My purpose. You will be able to declare with evidence that My presence is with you to accomplish My purpose. As I have said in My Word they that seek the Lord shall not want of any good thing. Watch and see that you will be those who have truly crossed over and walked into My open door. Yes, it is a great and effectual door that I have opened for you by My Spirit. I will say again unto you that great manifestations and demonstrations will come to pass, not only in your life but also in the life of all those who are around you; those who will believe in you, those who will receive you, says the Spirit of the Lord God. For this is My season and this is My time for I say as you have never seen before.

This is your time to have greater expectations for this year and this is the time to raise up your expectation "raise up your expectation" raise up your expectation far beyond that you have ever raised it before for even as you will believe through My word for your personal expectations.That which concerns your own life and what pertains unto you. Through your expectations of Me saith the Lord. You simply give Me access in order that I am able to perform every promise that I have made unto you. For surely as I said in My Word I am not  a man that I should lie but I shall surely bring it to pass, I shall surely bring it to pass and I shall surely make it good. Yea many have said "when will it happen, when will I see it." For I say the time is now at hand. I say the time is now at hand for this is your season. Remember this day and this night because this is not just another year-end prophecy or prophetic word as you have had words in times past for this is My word, this is My plan and My promise that I have made. I am surely bringing it to pass. I have prepared and planned for you. This is a great day, this is a great time and this is a great season for much is surely going to happen supernatually, much is surely going to happen by My power and by My Spirit. I promise I will bring it to pass said the Spirit of the Lord your God.